Capella deserves a diamond

I hope you guys are watching this game

Capella is beasting !!!


Boy is a double OT away from 30 pts 30 rebounds lol

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This is a damn good game.

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Harden vs two generational talents.

Starting to really believe that Harden himself is a generational talent.

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he putting up a prime dwight game

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How can people deny what harden is.

Just sick nasty talent. Best 1v1 No scope on rust player I’ve ever seen.

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Harden triple dub

Rivers is a goat. great pickup

Tucker is so damn small lol

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I think the circlejerk about him going to the line so much clouds peoples judgement

like yes , its annoying to watch if hes doing it to your team, but in itself its a skill… if anyone could do it do you not think every player would try to get to the line like him

also his past lackings on defense still weigh on peoples mind, and even tho its not his strongest asset, hes not a liability there

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How does green not get technical fouls for how he acts???

Any call against him he acts like an ass

It drives me crazy and if other players did half of what he does, they would get a tech

Because the refs are scared that Draymond will kick ‘em in the nuts

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its too bad 2k fked up his release. we wont get to use a harden card all year.

that PD from hardengate last year is one of my favorite cards ever


Damn good game

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refs wanna have kids and unhurt bollocks

Holy shit refs missed that out of bounds.

Damn Durant was out!!!

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Harden is still annoying af to play against in 2k this year. Drawing fouls might be slightly more difficult, but swear he draws the most fouls of any player by far in 2k19.

Capela is playing his ass off. he deserves a diamond for sure.