Cant wait!

Hopefully in 2-3 weeks, it will be complete. :heart::heart::heart:


And then you get banned.

Hope not.

Nah, I am on PC.

If all those cheaters and chinese bots aint banned, they wont ban me.

How are prices on pc?

Mt offline must be nice there. Online sucks more with bots and cheaters i guess

Actually, I aint meeting that many this year. Prices are generally higher on all things this year, top cards ofc way ovepriced but it is fine, you can play the market easily or buy coins super cheat at worst.

Y’all still gonna lose in 7 games to the lakers


Won’t ever be without Hedo

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Hedo, Bobby Jackson, Scott Pollard, Lawrence Funderburke

Need those guys too

2/4 is solid as the other two aint in the game.

If he’s half as good as last years PD, CWebb going to be awesome