Cant connect to 2k server. what to do? error 4b538e50

what to do when you cant connect to 2k server. got error

I was just about to post this. I’m getting the same. PS4 connects to the internet but can’t connect to 2k online and get the error code

Was in the middle of a domination game and my app just quit

So im not the only 1.

Oh wow I’m not the only one . You guys on ps4?

Yeah ps4 here

Yes. I think psn network is down.

Fk I was just about to hop on after working all damn day

Same thing I was about to do lol. Only 2k isnt working for me, every other game is fine and I’m connected to playstation network.

Yeah I can’t sign in to the 2k servers on ps4 with the same error code

PSN issue started 15mins ago according to my link above.

Same issue…PS5

Here we go. I hope my cards sold in time

ill jump to auction house after this. lmao


do something else worthwhile

I was good money I thought. Played several TTO games while this thread was up and then after my 40th game I got the error code :rofl:

These fools better give me my 750 XP too :rage:

Just when I get off work, come home to relax and work on some XP :man_facepalming:t4:

I remember the last time this happened a bunch of dudes lost expensive cards for 100k bids