Can't believe or understand

How is it possible that so close to the dead season of 2k and we have only 2 GO SGs. And not one have 3pt plays. That’s a sad joke.

They might flood upon the mode later. Who knows? :smile:

GO Harden will have 3pt plays I will try to get him.

I don’t think the distribution of go’s is all that bad. I would like to see a new center come out here soon though…


They gave us 3 GO PGs. Two of them were unusable for most of the season till the recent contest patch. Cmon we don’t have anything interesting for GO PG or SG.
Walt is great tho :slight_smile:


Definitely need a new Center. My pick is either Kareem or Hakeem.

Either would make me really happy. They both will come, the question is will either be coming somewhat soon? I hope so.

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I’ve been running that PD Kareem since the lockercode and he’s been beasting for me, however his lack of mid-range shooting/ defense has been a bit of an inconvenience. Still, his animations and height + speed kill it for me.

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Yeah he’s an absolute beast. I can’t wait for the go.