Candian's -- where to find your 2K19 doritos online!?!

Everyone I know loves doritos, but since the promo is canada only, I was wondering it you could point me to an online store where they have them?


Highly doubt any Canadian sites sell dorito’s that ship to the US. Postage is too expensive here.

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You can always just cross the border near Niagara Falls, and try your luck there.

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What are these medical symbols here?

This is the Doritos i know right ? not a car brand, tech brand or smthg :joy: Internaional nachos chips smuggling.

It’s Switzerland flag lol

forum medics

We drive Wambulances

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Dude, they’re standard league packs. Just buy some VC if you’re so desperate.

The cost of buying international chips is not worth it, short of you living in a border city

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Right, but you could kill two birds with one stone – food and myteam packs. As well I am sure you could work out a deal with some people for a trade lol

$1.50 a bag plus shipping, plus any potential duties = probably about $3.00 per bag. Standard league packs are about 2300 VC per bag, which costs a lot less than 3.00.

Or I can get a Canadian to take a picture of each code for like 50 cents lol.

But you are right, and thanks for sharing all of your info with us or else I would have been jumping around stores trying to find it lol

@mpizz sorry for the question – but the you don’t need to buy the product to activate the code?

Just got some doritos, there is a entry limit per email.

I don’t care enough to make multiple emails.

Will let you know what i get.

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2 entries to the contest per day per email. Locker codes seem to be unlimited

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2 standard packs.

1st pack - deep deadeye range, and crap.

2nd pack - silver Timothe Luwawu

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The code is on the outside of the bag or the inside?


Can you take a picture of where it is on the bag? My friend is in canada trying to find one and he thinks it is on the inside


Its on the back, where the barcode is for the item.

You’re making way too big of a deal over a standard league packs.

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