Can you still do the aggressive shove in the post? How do you do it

I’m talking about the one where the player literally throws the guy out of the way, I think with the ball in his hands. Not the regular post shove. I think I did by accident once with Yao. But it really gets the dude AWAY from him lol

How do you do it?

I’m wondering the same thing. I played against a dude one time that could do it practically every time on a drop step with Hakeem.

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The glass takeover elbow push?

Pretty sure its badge related

Maybe that’s it, is it only with takeover?

Yes with rebound takeover or post Takeover. You have to push the right stick towards the opponent or rather flick afaik.

Yeah. Glass takeover on back downs gets a shove into standing dunk

Ok, probably a stupid question, but certain things fill up certain takeovers faster, right?

Like glass takeover is filled up faster with rebounds? Sharp fills up faster with threes? Or is it general.

Testing this out with Mutombo and I’m not getting boards with him, just post shots and it’s taking forever

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You fill up your takeover much faster by doing things related to your takeover, ie 3s with a stretch or rebounds with a glasscleaner

Shaq does it with post take over on drop step

I believe the big post push takeover animation comes after a gather move in the post, if someone is close to you.

So for example, if you drop step and pause for an up and under, during your gather, if the guy is up on your, you’ll push him right after your gather animation. No takeover, drop step, pause, shot for the up and under. During takeover, drop step, pause, post push, shot for the up and under.

That’s my most common example, but it should trigger for basically any gather into pivot move I believe.

Yes, that’s the biggest issue with sharp takeover, imo.

3 3pts made, doesn’t even have to be 3/3, and you get the takeover.
On the other hand you need like 5-6 rebounds for glass or 4-5 dunks/post shots for finisher or post scorer.

And in this game it’s way easier to chuck 3s.

Sharp fills fastest with spot up shots, 3pt or midrange.
Shot creator is moving shots and floaters. Fadeaways and spotup shots also fill it at a decent rate.
Slasher is finishing around the rim, obviously.
Playmaker is assists. Alleys and flashy assists fill it up faster. Floaters are also decent.
Post scorer is post moves, hooks and fades.
Athletic finisher (bigman slasher) is actually filled more with standing dunks and layups.
Rebounder is rebounds and putbacks.
Lockdown is good contests, poked balls and steals. Jumpshot contests fill it more than layup contests.
Rim protector is the other way around. Rim protection fills it more than jumpshot contests. Even if they score on you and you get a good contest, it fills up.

Sharp/rim is by far the easiest one to activate. A couple of contests and 2 3pts and AK47 is on fire.

You can’t get pushoff elbow swing animations without takeover or hof drop-stepper.
Without takeover, if you have hof dropstepper and opponent’s lowpost def and strength is noticably lower than yours, you can push him out of the way.


Thanks - that is the regular shove, I know how to do that, but there’s even a crazier one where the player literally throws the opponent away from him

Ok awesome… so do you have to trigger the dropstep first (if you have HOF Drop Stepper badge) to do this? Or just a regular post shove can get that animation?

You dropstep him and he gets pushed off.

I thought you could only get it after an O rebound with glass takeover. Can i also do this running a regular post up with glass takeover?

when you’re in takeover with a dominant big aggressively backdown someone then hold standing dunk (RT+LT+sticks forward)

they don’t even need post takeover — just takeover will usually do it