Can you really go over 99 stats?

read it somewhere that if youre hot you can go over 99 stats.

Since im a shot creator wondering if i can get
99 + 10 from being hot + 5 from boosts = 114 mid range lol

It honestly looks like it the takeover badges are kinda nuts or at least the offensive ones as it seems as though you really can’t be stopped

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it stops at 99 i got baiter 3 point at 99 with diamond coach and show would be 102 if it went higher

Yea takover is hella OP. Giannis takeover can easily dunk on everyone if u can get past the initial defender. Bol blocks everything in takeover. I faced Kidd in TT and when his takeover kicked in, he was unmovable and stole everything. I had to handle the ball with someone else while he chilled out lol. I kinda like it, makes lesser players kinda fun.

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Yeah lol how the hell u contest a pull up fade away especially when hes hot…


is there anywhere we can see what each takeover symbol means. theres a few that still confuse me

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:wine_glass: - Glass Cleaner… GET IT!?
:postbox: - Post scorer
:dart: - Sharpshooting
Wings or Knives - Slasher/Finisher
:lock: - Lockdown
:shield: - Rim Protector
♜ - Playmaker
⛮ - Shot creator


haha thats awesome thanks

I still don’t get the shot creator one

Tap square while you’re dribbling around. It’s basically like holding the right stick back while dribbling for the hesi hop step thing last year.

When you side to side and tap square while in takeover, it usually triggers an ankle breaker

Lol huh I’m saying I don’t understand like the logo of a shot creator take over is

Like a fire cracker? lol idk

I can’t really see if lol I thought like a spark lol old either

It’s a wand with light around it. Like you’re a magician with the ball

Oh ok lmao on the game it locks like the thing on cowboy boots

Yeah I thought it was like a pizza cutter that made sense to me lol

Is there a way to find out what archetype a player is in MyTeam? Could be pretty important to choosing your lineup.