Can you put together a better starting 5 w 100k than this

  1. Sapphire Lonzo Ball (8-10k)
  2. Ruby Morris Peterson (15k??)
  3. Amy Jimmy Butler (25k)
  4. Amy Porzingis (40-45k) orK Love (35k)
  5. Amy Drummond/Deandre Jordan (8-12k)

For the budget ballers…excluding rewards & POTM cards

I feel like Diamond Lillard is a steal right now

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I’m kinda trying to do the same thing without using any Amy’s. Lonzo is my starter. T-Ross and Larry Hughes back and forth for SG. Rookie Grant Hill and Webber for the Forwards. Ruby Ayton Center… Although Muresan might give him a run for his money. Still playing with Lineups.

Luol Deng

ruby Larry Hughs (8k)
Amy Butler (25k)
Amy Antoine Walker (10k)
Amy Porzingis (40-45k)
Amy Embiid (19k)

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You like amy Embiid over amy KAT?

Yea bro slightly worse 3 but way better defense

Diamond Paul George. Blue jersey. The rest don’t really matter


PD 98 Magic
PD Kobe
PD Durant
PD Yao

all 500mt snipes by @Knezius



Amy Oscar at pg (8k)

Dont run love or porzingis at 4. Run pascal. Way better defensively. Can beat slow 4s off the dribble. And can use that my elsewhere


  1. Diamond Lillard (25k)
  2. Ruby Mo Pete (15k)
  3. Amy Jimmy Butler (25k)
  4. Amy Pascal Siakam (15k???)
  5. Artis Gilmore? 93 Jokic (20k)

Thats pretty solid. No players to run 3 pt plays w though.

Butler has 3s no ???

I can confirm he does

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Siakam is like 8 k lol

PG. Sapphire Pud Webb

SG. Emerald Brook Lopez

SF. Any moments KAT

PF. Amy Porzingis

C. Amy Yi Jianlian


Yi at the 2 would be the move here imo

Emerald Brooky release is something special

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Who is Pud?