Can you out cheese this lineup?

Its for 12-0 purposes only. I’ve only lost 1 game out of 25 or so times I’ve used it. About to replace Tim D w Sabonis. Any suggestions besides KMS?

My game plan would be to bomb 3s on your head 24/7

I’d love to see the gameplay of your starting lineup against a decent squad though, I’m sure it would be a laugh

Seems to be everyones plan. Thats why I put speed/lat quickness at the 1-3 and the tight on/deny ball off defense causes an insane amount of turnovers. I havent tried a zone yet…could be even better.

I’d also be spamming the square button on D

Ball control coach/shoe on Giannis & only post up in half court. Usually in transition from all the steals, so it doesn’t effect anything. People try to double, but everyone can catch lobs & shoot a high % from the line so they stop that real quick & rage quit. It’s unfair & shouldnt be possible. 2k sucks.

I mean i guess it’s a fun lineup to play with but I can go 25-1 with a more traditional lineup but whatever works for you bro

u need more 3pt snipers

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Run Worthy at the 2 and post cheese. Giannis at the 4 and spam pick and pop/fade on Hakeem. I could see that working until you adjust.

Also shooting a lot of 3’s in transition.

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This lineup give me PTSD


Hedo would laugh at that lineup

Hedo would be 1-7 and have a -20 by halftime.

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Hof bruiser against Giannis, noone else can handle or pass the ball, gg.

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It’s more of a catch the other guy off guard & get them out of their game plan. By the time they figure out what to adjust, its too late. I’ll take the entire shot clock to score once I’m up 10+. I’m a huge piece of shit for doing this, trust me I read my Xbox inbox messages.

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Thus the reason I have Kuzma & Webber. Kuzma to bring the ball up & Webber if he gets tired. Cwebb is actually a damn good ball handler.

This is not effective cheese

I’d add Porzingis in there too for 3 pt plays and maximum cheese. Maybe Blake too.

But then you lose that 7footer gimmick and opponents can play a normal game.

Just sold Zingis…about to buy Sabonis during the Lebron fiasco. Havent checked if Arbydas has 3 pt plays

Haha you are in love with your big man lineups.

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Oh its vastly effective.