Can you go to Level 40 without doing online challenges?

This is for all of the offline people (including me) who either don’t have access to online play (Unlimited, Limited, TTO Online).

Can you do so WITHOUT breaking the bank?

So far 31 days left and I am level 26 doing only offline (DOM, TTO offline, spotlights) agendas and challenges, (except for expensive cards like AD, Webber,etc.)

I believe so.

I hope so too. That Kawhi would probably be an endgame card for me and he’s pretty much free.

probably but you have to grind hard

According to the tracker on 2kdb I’m pretty sure you could last season.

Worst case let all the weekly “week four” Win four games challenges stack up until the end of the season So you can get credit for playing them all at once in case you need a little do at the end.

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I got Dwayne Wade with 8 days to spare. The only online challenges I did were very rare TTO challenges. I’d estimate that I earned about 4000 exp online and 146,000 offline. No unlimited or limited at all. As long as you have mt to rent the diamond and PD premium cards, then you’re good to go.


I get curry, griffin and wade playing only offline

You can. 100%. It will just take you a week or two longer to get there. Nothing crucial

Thanks guys. Much appreciated :slight_smile: