Can you go back a board in pack and playoffs 2k18?

Anyone remember lol? or once your on board 2 you can’t go down…

You can change the boards, but it has to be at the beginning before you start the board

Why are you still playing the worst 2k of all time for the 3rd year in a row?


At this point I’m not even going to clown the man… he must really love 2k18

I’m not sure if he is really playing it

i am. game is choice. srs

Why you don’t buy 2k20?

so you can choose to go back to board 3 to board 2 if you want?

will do in a few months. want to finish up pd SHAQ and REWARDS GIANNAS

Best MyTeam mode ever super max was goat

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Has to be at the beginning before you start a board. Once you’ve started, you have lose or win out

what do you mean?

what happens if you lose out?

Diamond Kareem is better

When you draft your team, it goes to the board selection screen. Don’t mash x or whatever. I think R1 and L1 let you toggle boards. I can’t explain it any better than that and I’m not downloading 2k18 ever again to create a how to video lol

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My buddy played over 600 games on that and never got gasol… why wouldn’t you just buy 2k19 atleast ppl on here would prolly just give you mt and you can have an end game team within an hour

that would be great. i have 2k19, prefer 18

You’d like 20 then with the blow by

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That was what kept me from getting Shaq. Worst goal in history of myteam simply because you had no way of guaranteeing you’d get the card

It just shocks me he prefers 18 over 19 when 18 is easily the worst one ever

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