Can we talk about contracts

Why the heck do these things sell for so much now, gold contracts go for 1000 mt and silvers around 800, it makes absolutely no sense to me. You can buy 5 contracts for 600 mt for most cards… can someone explain this? I mean they shouldn’t even be in the game in the first place but now it is just dumb.

If you try to think logically about anything in this game or this community, you’re gonna hurt yourself.


Not to mention how escalated the diamond contracts are going for on the AH lately. Used to be around 30k tops. Cheapest I saw this weekend was 41k.

Talk about how the wizards playbook sells for so much lol

people are mt broke

The hype train of all these opals will make anyone not willing to wait broke

Are these contracts actually selling at that price or are investors just trying to manipulate the market?

Contract prices have been way up since the intial Friday drop supply died down.

I’m with OP then. Gold contracts purchased from the menus are only 600.

Diamond contact prices rising I get, because people are bad at math but I think I need to sell all my standard contracts if people are buying.

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A lot of people may not realize that Galaxy Opals actually have a very cheap contract purchase cost. I think it’s the same as rubies, so don’t waste diamond contracts on them, or regular contracts if in limited supply. I have a contract loader lineup set aside just so I can purchase contracts for specific players as needed. I think it’s something like 750 MT for 5 games for opals.

they sell at that price for sure. I had lots of 20 stacks sitting in my auction outcomes and broke them down and sold individual contracts this weekend. made a lot of MT

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It used to be the same price as rubies but they changed the opal contract costs right before they started putting opals as set rewards. Opals and PDs are the same cost now.


Damn I never even noticed that lol

Only put diamond contracts on cards you plan on grinding the hell out of TTO with

Contracts need to go. Just a pain in the ass.


Ever since 2K killed Veronica, the contracts have been way up. Think about it, when everyone was getting free packs, they just wanted to offload all those extra contracts from the packs fast. Now that no one opens packs anymore, contracts are no longer at a highly excessive supply.

Did they actually kill it or just ban a bunch of people who were doing it? I never participated but I am under the impression you could still do it if you wanted to (with the risk of ban)?

Yea you are 100% correct. They never fixed the glitch. They just ban whoever goes to see Veronica to get the VC. That essentially killed Veronica though. She needs attention to sustain her existence, and she is just not getting the attention that she is accustomed to. So, 2K essentially killed her when they dropped the hammer on us. Obviously, I was one of those that was visiting her. I thought I was doing a good thing. She always seemed so happy when I arrived.

I’d rather not talk about them. It makes me emotional :sob:

So, basically, 2K finally dramatically throttled VC glitching so now there aren’t tons of people opening tons of free packs and so the supply on Consumables has been shrinking?

Too bad I started using up the Contracts I had been stockpiling.