Can we please get a Kawhi PD?!



it’s crazy that the best player on the planet, Kawhi, still didn’t got any card since release.


Not even a diamond

This performance? Or that they haven’t dropped a diamond yet?

They haven’t dropped a diamond yet. I thought he’d have a few cards by now.

Still haven’t gotten a moments derozan either, even after winning player of the week.

hopefully he gets a diamond for this, they might have him saved for a promo coming soon

But at least Derozan has a good version, his diamond evo to PD is better than any moments he will put up. They needed to release a diamond or above Kawhi earlier, because now everyone clamps up so he won’t be special

I believe u meant Lebron


I could also go for a PD lebron

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That’s true plus with quick draw he might be a meta card

That guy who stuffs the stat sheet in ended 4th quarters?

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Better then sitting home 4 days of the week watching his teammates play


Correct me if I’m wrong but did I not see Lebron and AD courtside in suits last week…I guess they were injured

This is the regular season… Its simply not important winning regular season games barely gives u anything so why bother risking an injury?

Keep this same energy when the Clippers load manage their way to a first round matchup against the Jazz or Nuggets and get bounced on the first round

Howmuch mt are you gonna put on that?

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Um because it his job

Lebron sat out vs the Thunder

His job is to get the Clippers a championship and nothing else