Can we make a Madden Cat or other game Cat.?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but considering this is “2kGamer”, I find it pretty annoying seeing all of these Mut coin posts or just posts about Madden in general. It’s nothing against the people posting them, but I’d like to come here to read about 2k without having to scroll through 50 of the same posts about how you’re selling MUT coins. Also, if making a new category is out of the question (which I think it should be), maybe the moderators on here can be a bit more strict about closing these kinds of posts. @2KGamer




muthead has better forums for that stuff anyway.

I had 99 overall teams in madden 17-18 but I skipped 19 and would rather not see these posts.

I’ve heard that MutHead doesn’t allow any posts about seeking coins though. However, there’s still Reddit that they can go post on.

Other games catergory needs to be introduce or they should put the stuff in “off topic”

I messaged a mod, theyre working on it

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Unfortunately, we won’t be adding a Madden category to 2KG. We have 4 new categories coming soon as well as a few other site updates. Madden NFL 19 threads will be kept to a minimum.

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As you shouldn’t, considering this is a 2k website lol. Thank you!

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Start a gofundme to buy