Can we expect a theme promo this week?

Last time they gave us Signature series Wade so I assume 2k give us Theme Promo this Friday, leave the comment for what you expect!!! :smiley:

Signature Dirk will be coming sometime


We need this !

Yes alway in the begaining of the month

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We’re overdue for a promo. Either tomorrow or Friday is my prediction.

I expect it to underwhelm, though

Yea so I said Friday is the best timing

Defensive set with 98 PD David Robinson as the reward making me have to lock a set for the first time this year

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I think they would have saved that PD Pippen card for this if it was going to be a defensive theme…

Maybe Kareem with 3 ball :sunglasses:

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They needed someone to slow that Lebron down lol

Time for a March Madness Campus Legends theme?


Jimmer rangeeee

So no new moments today?

@LuckyKid maybe few hours later

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I’m disappointed bro :pensive:

How about a PD Rudy Gay set reward. His amethyst this year is incredible, especially considering it was one of the earliest cards released.

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Please 2K, as a Wichita State Shockers and Kansas Jayhawks fan, please give us at least a Ruby Ron Baker and Ruby VanVleet (along with both being a duo) and my life is complete.


Zion in 2k19 :thinking:

On the other hand, if we do get March Madness Campus Legends, can we get players that we usually never get at the usual March Madness promo?

A Ruby / Amy Okafor or Ruby Kaminsky would be a nice start

Note: On a side note, I doubt we get the March Madness Promo this week, it’ll probably be more like next Friday

They actually gave Okafor an amy the last time they did a MM theme (2k17) but I agree.