Can we discuss how good Pascal Siakam really is

I love me some D Rose like a kid straight from Chi would but Pascal Siakam is the MIP this year. Everyone roasted him for not locking Lebron up last year in the playoffs, saying you’re really gonna put newbies on him. But man really is beast on D cause he’s a freak athlete. Even the way he’s expanded his range and opened up his tool belt on the offensive end is pretty impressive.

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I dont think Raptor fans realize how fortunate they are to have them bc if Kawahi leaves he is their future


How good is he

MIP is neck and neck with him and Fox imo slight edge to Siakam right now

I think PG13 should 100% win MIP but he wont because he was already considered a stud. The jump he made this year though is the hardest jump to make in the NBA though and hes playing like a top 3 player right now

Mmm i see your point, just hard to give MIP to a player that has already been an Allstar ya know? Steph should’ve gotten MIP for his unanimous MVP after his first one in that case

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Yeah realistically if kawhi leaves, Siakams the future and best case, OG becomes 70% of the player kawhi is and can play strong both ends of the floor. Maybe sell Lowry high and see how much better FVV can get.

Wouldn’t be too worried, masai sold grevis vasques for 2 firsts and a second. Would be able to get a decent haul for lowry, atleast better than what people expect

I definitely dont expect it to happen but the jump that PG13 has made this year is really incredible the more you look at the numbers behind it.

PG has BY FAR the best net differential of any player in the league at 36.7, I believe the next highest is Giannis at 13

Over his last 20 games hes averaging 32.6ppg 7.7asts 4.1asts in 37 mins while shooting 45.4% from 3pt on TEN ATTEMPTS (!!! WTF) Oh and at the same time he is leading the league in steals, 2nd in deflections and loose balls recovered.

Hes playing at a peak LeBron level. Its absolutely absurd and he should be the front runner for the MVP

His jump this year is more impressive than Stephs even if that season was the best offensive season maybe ever. Steph was not too far behind that his previous year(s). PG13 played like a low tier all star last year. He was super inconsistent.

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Yeah Siakam is a future star and hopefully they keep developing OG who has had a rather quiet year. I really like both of their games. Their prototypical NBA studs with their length, defense, shooting, etc

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He’s been incredible. MVP is crazy this year because i feel like there’s about 5 guys that would win it in any other season, but since they’re all having it in the same year a few are gonna have to just go home with some votes on their resume

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Right now id say its


I personally hope PG wins it but you could make an extremely strong case for any of these. Harden has been having a RIDICULOUS year, same with Giannis and his team also has the “best record in the league” narrative going for them. Giannis is literally putting up Kareem like numbers haha

I have your same 3 but in the opposite order

I need to watch more Siakam…didn’t realize people see him turning into a star…I guess it’s hard to tell whilke being in Kawhi/Lowry shadow.

And PG13 is even more impressive since you really never see usage and efficiency go up together. But I think it’s still a Harden and Giannis race…since PG13 isn’t “first” in any of the metrics I think voters end up looking at.

Harden Giannis PG13 Harden Giannis PG13
Team Winning % 58% 75% 67% 3 1 2
PPG 36.6 27.2 28.5 1 3 2
RPG 6.7 12.7 8.0 3 1 2
APG 7.7 6.0 4.1 1 2 3
SPG + BPG 3.0 2.8 2.8 1 2 2
PER 30.9 30.4 25.2 1 2 3
RPM 8.12 5.75 8.06 1 3 2
WS/48 0.25 0.29 0.24 2 1 3
eFG% 54.6% 59.7% 54.9% 3 1 2
Average Rank 1.78 1.78 2.33

You should include MPG, and rank descending.

People around here seem to think that important advanced stats like RPM, TPA, WS48, and VORP don’t matter for anything lol

They’re heavily team-influenced stats.

The only one of the 4 that is “heavily team influenced” is RPM

Explain to me how WS isn’t heavily team-influenced.

I’d argue that VORP is the least influenced out of the ones you listed.

Win Shares is not a good stat imo but either way I agree that PG13 more than likely wont win it. I just wish he got more credit

I think WS/48 takes that into account pretty well…Giannis plays ~10% fewer minutes than PG and Harden…and is winning in that category by a good amount. Playing more minutes shouldn’t be penalized too heavy IMO…it’s even harder carrying the load more minutes.