Can’t purchase

Anybody else can only buy a maximum of 9.99 vc the 20, 50, & 100 version are gone

Good riddance


It’s a sign for you to stop buying vc


Lmaooo was jus gon grab a quick 20 piece out of boredom but yea u right prolly 4 the best :joy::joy:


only good thing 2k has done this year. better if they get rid of this altogether

It’s a sign! Stay off the VC


Any body else shit look like this???

2k is probably about to tweet “stay tuned for exciting new content! :eyes:” and then release an option to purchase 990k vc ( best value! ) For a limited time.


Nah it’s way more 2k to drop fire content while the only purchasable VC is 35k. Make getting the usual 200k or whatever way more expensive… Haha

Rule #1 of business. Never make it hard for the customer to give you their money…

2K messing up with this one lol



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Lmaoo bro this game is the most pay to win it has ever been


Cap dude if you spend time grinding the game you can have a better team than a person that just spends money. Especially this year with the new seasons that are freeeeee and they giving away tons of free packs thru locker codes this year. Even if you don’t get something good a pack is a pack. And arguably the best card in the game is a FREE Stephen curry

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It’s all smoke & mirrors bro thats like a drug dealer giving a dope fiend a bag of pure uncut good shit to get them hooked… then charging them thru da roof when they inevitably return because they hooked…real comp players kno wat I mean

This is very very false.

I can literally not play the game and walk in. Buy mt. Get pd Lebron carter and buy a ranged out version of dwill and get all the op cards off ah and already have a better squad than most that grinded the game day one. That’s how this mode has always been. Yes you can budget ball. But to say y’all can have a better team than pay to win players is just ignorant.


Exactly fam no knock to budget ballers but if u thinking like him 2k setting u up for failure :joy::joy:

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@Str8savage @raptorsbenchmob
Yes the game is pay to win.
But it is not “the most pay to win it has ever been” 2k21 is way better for free content compared to 2k20 and 2k19

Bruh u had so many free opals last year from grinds… Lots of evos to make mt off of.

I don’t buy it . How are u Gunna get all that xp. Quick? Lock in sets and buy the big cards that give more xp.


Yea but the year just started it’s only season 2 I bet they will give even more opals this year and dark matter and budget ballers also are getting to level 40 so you can spend money if you want level 40 but you can also be no money spent and still get level 40

Do not buy VC. Please.

The cards you want now will be useless in weeks, let alone next month.

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