Can’t find a match on PS5

I just got a PS5 today and was hyped af to try some MTU… but apparently I can’t find any game in minutes… even on TTO

Is this normal on PS5? Or it’s more likely an issue of mine?

Any feedback would be much appreciated

In europe servers even in xbox x its normal sadly… back out and search again helps sometimes.

Not many ppl got nextgen consoles around here and even less play with a basketball game of course.

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I had the same issue when I first got mine. It may be that in your region at certain times of the day there are very few people with a PS5

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Apparently the game had to update one more time…

All good now, thank you guys @stdavid91 @Kiwi2k

Btw, any idea how to call a freelance? Lol

You have to take a timeout on offence and set your freelance, then do it in game with right d-pad

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congrats and enjoy the waaaaay better gameplay than current :grin:


2k11 < 2k21?

At the start he’ll be like WTF I’m terrible, I’m going back to PS4! But if you push through that initial difference and learn it, it is sooo much better.

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Why do you never make sense Juan?


Wat da fuck? Stfu mavs

Pay 60 angry game vs other peacefully 2k game

yeah particularly when doing xp challenges. but try not to cave in to the urge. 100% commit and don’t look back :wink: - this is for you @DuLe11 :sweat_smile:


The hardest thing to get used to for me was no triangle cuts. I’m primarily on ball defender so that is the best thing about next gen for me, no ice skates


Lmao never.

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I’m convinced he’s a bot actually

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I had this issue, I just deleted and re-installed the game and now it works fine

So are you look at name & pic



Getting familiar whit the changes after a few games… next gen truly is spectacular :fire:


It takes 1m sometimes. I hate it when people quit :joy: