Can’t afford Kareem so who to get

I have Porz sabonis hakeem drob cousins ayton. Who should I keep and who should go? My lineup is Jordan Durant porter and my bench is hill granger melo. Any suggestions who I can get to improve my wing players, or is that as good as it gets right now?

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Ayton 100%

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I was thinking cousins Hakeem ayton Sabonis to keep and sell drob porz. And how’s the rest of my time looking. Any suggestions?

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Yeah Ayton/Sabonis would be nice too.

That’s not bad either.

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Sabonis is too damn slow with all these athletic freaks dropping

Just try experimenting those guys are really good bigmen.

I don’t have issues with sabonis speed it’s a 79


That’s with coach and shoe

I had Sabonis in my old account he was a Galaxy Opal :smile:

Any suggestions on the rest of my lineup. I was thinking bird for porter, but this porter plays so dam good I can’t get rid of him.


I’d get rid of granger because is more like an offensive beast but doesn’t offer much at defense.
But that’s just me :smile:

Have you tried that granger

Dude is a bucket. I’m having a hard time right now finding a good mix.

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Yeah Tried him he was really good can pour points in a minute. But Melo is better :smile:

Is there anyone else you would suggest trying over who I have. I had Lonzo at pg I tried Jordan at the 2 I’ve tried many combos and can’t seem to find a good balance. Who would you suggest, and what’s your lineup looking like?

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Is that Galaxy Opal Jordan?


Is your durant the 98 Playoff KD?

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