Can someone with Magic with White Kobes do me a favor?

Can someone that has a Magic with White Kobes please do me a HUGE favor?

Can you equip a ruby coach with the “grit and grind” focus and tell me what Magic’s takeover is?

I currently have the black converse shoe and really want to make the switch, but only if his takeovers remain the same which are Playmaking/Defending

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I can when I get home… I don’t know exactly when that will be though :confused:

Sweet, thanks! I am in no real hurry to buy a 50k shoe lol

Good point… It will be still be there waiting for 50K all night long lol.

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I got you man, give me a few minutes

Also for what it’s worth I run Casey (Perimeter Centric) and Magic has playmaker/defense takeover. I’ll check grit and grind though

alright thank you!

I can say he gets playmaker/lockdown with D’Antoni too… probably doesn’t help out right now, but there it is lol.

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If ppl are expecting a big drop tomorrow, won’t be 50k for long gents…

Alright just got takeover with Spoelstra, he does indeed have playmaker/defense

Great! Thank you again, saved me MT!

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FYI, you can check takeover possibilities and progress without the guys actually being in takeover. Just tap L1 (PS4) & behold.