Can someone spare $5 PayPal

I know it’s random but was wondering if anyone could spare it.

This is essentially standing on a corner begging for change except you’re behind a screen. I cant help out, sry OP. Good Luck though.


Didn’t recognize this guy so I checked his profile real quick. His most liked post was him replying in a thread asking for $16 paypal a week ago lol guess he thought he’d give it a shot.


2kg stand up!!!


You got Apple Pay bro?

Only if you cash app me $6 op


Do you have Venmo

Pending discussion with other mods (@2KGamer | @kinsman) I’m going to close this.

Rationale being that we don’t want to encourage public requests for handouts because:

  1. We wouldn’t want this to be done in volume and don’t want to have to determine where the line of acceptable volume is.

  2. Such threads can often degenerate into name-calling of the OP.

  3. Such requests could potentially end up with someone reneging on an agreement that then becomes a public issue on the site when it should be a non-issue to the site.

  4. If you “know” other guys here, through here, the you can just PM people and ask for personal favors, just like you would in real life.

But it’s nice to see that some people may be willing other help out. Obviously, feel free to PM people insofar as they are receptive.

And anyone who is seeing this and inclined to help, can PM you.

OP’s last post was talking about how he has made millions in VC from the glitch and has tons of MT. In which case it would seem totally possible for him to sell or trade MT. [Via PM, OP says he was joking.]

Also, this should be in Classifieds, rather than Off-Topic.