Can someone set this straight

Wtf is the intangible rating I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews and it’s literally the difference between me grabbing one card or another so I need answers for reference


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It just has to do with raising/ lowering the overalls on cards. It doesn’t affect anything in-game.

maybe it has sumn to do with the equalizer maybe not

The only thing I know for sure about intangibles is that it is used to manipulate the card’s overall rating. Lower intangibles mean the card is actually a higher overall than the card says. Higher overall is opposite.

For example, a 97 overall card with 50 intangibles is most like a true 99 overall. A 99 overall card with 98 intangibles might really only be a 96 overall. Not exact numbers but it works like this.


If you’re a YouTuber making card reviews, it means something. If you actually play the game effectively it means nothing. It is essentially a wasted stat so in theory it CAN mean the difference in overall. That being said animations are 75% of this game so who cares.

Element has it. Comparing 2 relatively identical cards - not taking into account things like release, etc - the one with the lower intangible rating will usually be the “better” card.

So if you see for instance a popular ruby card, and see that it has an intangible rating below 50, it’s most likely a hidden amy or even diamond.

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Case in point, with the new Wade card. I have a spreadsheet that calculates a separate rating based on the attributes of the cards only, and which are important position-wise. Rebounding counts less (or not at all) for guards, while passing accuracy doesn’t count for as much for a center. They are my own preferences of course, someone might disagree on those points.

Anyway, Wade is 97 OVR with 50 intangibles. I run him through my system and get a 94.31 OVR rating. Then you have Brandon Roy who is 98 OVR with 93 intangibles. I run him through my system and he gets a 90.87 rating. Not even close, and Roy is supposedly the higher overall card.

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Your rating system doesn’t factor badges and release timings though and that matters


But, Roy has HoF shooting badges that Wade doesn’t. Wade has the HoF defensive badges. How do you factor those in?

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@PTV @daruler022 Do you guys think those things impact the the overall rating that 2k gives cards?

Definitely matters imo. HoF Dimer, Limitless, Corner, Defensive Stopper, Rim Protector, Dead Eyes, Pick Pocket all make a difference. Also, if you’re good with the quick releases they’re better to have.

No impact on attribute stats but definitely affects a person’s personal card preference ranking

I’m not asking if they matter (of course they do) but I don’t think 2K has badges, animations affecting the overall ratings of cards. I think the attributes and intangibles rating are the only thing that contributes to their rating. So I just replace the mysterious calculation that 2K uses (primarily pack selling related) with one that is objective and if two cards are close, then badges and animations would be somewhat of a tiebreaker


I’m just saying that a cards HoF badges should count as some points towards the overall in your personal point system in some way, not if 2K does. Who knows for sure if they do, or don’t count badges in some way though? I mean limited and unlimited cards have the same overall, but the badges is what sets them apart. Limited Roy and Kareem are way better than the unlimited counterparts.

Intangibles are a way to lower and raise a cards overall. It’s to keep them in a certein tier. They wanna be able to produce multiple tiers of guys for marketing reasons like Lebron and still give them accurate stats to please us, so they just adjust intangibles to keep him as an amythest so they can make a slightly better diamond in the future. Usually the lower the intangibles, the more the card plays above their tier, example: diamond Oscar has more total attributes than most PDs but his intangibles are lowered to 70 keep him a diamond. On that same note, Nurkic is a PD but has only decent attributes but his intangibles are a 95 to lift him into PD tier. They implemented this in 2k17 and I immediately caught what these cheeky fuckers were trying to do. KBye

Oh and look at all those juiced up FA cards with intangibles in the red