Can someone loan me some MT?

Can someone loan me some MT?

I need somewhere around 100k, ill pay it back when i make more, thanks



What u need it for to snipe?


I would if I was home

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I moved to PS4 but thanks :blush:

Isn’t PS4 mt like 11 per 100k ?

i am broke lol

Just go grind triple threat like i do when i want mt

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I played so much TT I’m sick of it, I only play spotlights, but my contracts and mt is running low, and I only have reward players :skull:

I got 60k I can loan

Actually I got 100

You finna play some BR?

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Yeah im runnin right now with my squad lol just not streaming it right now

Big vouch for @pancakes

Paid 100k back real fast. Good dude.