Can someone loan me $16 paypal. will give you back an extra $1 and a doritos code

thank you. anyone who could vouch that would be great

Sure, what’s your PayPal?


pmed :slight_smile:

@Hemmi2k stays the forums most benevolent poster. Kudos to you hemmi



came thru clutch

Now help me out and buy 250k mt for 35$

LOL too funny this man said for a extra dollar :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

What system?

Xbox, sorry I’m just getting back to you

@Hemmi2k if you drop your paypal email, ill pay his tab. @Lebron23 go take that 3 to lunch lol


So kind man, but don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

yo you got the money or you still need it?

Yeah we have done the transaction :slight_smile: He is getting his doritos code tomorrow too. I’ll be dropping some here tomorrow as well

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Aight all g man, have a good new year ahead man/woman :slight_smile:

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you too man :slight_smile:

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@Hemmi2k That was cool man, that kind of made my heart melt full homo. Keep doing what your doing your a reason why I truly love this community