Can someone explain this?

If you look at the card comparison on 2KMTC of Ruby Klay vs Ruby PJ Tucker, look at 2KMTC’s Defense overall rating.

Klay is listed at 90 and Tucker is listed at 89, yet Tucker has 61 more total defensive attributes, and in key areas, like +25 steal, +6 shot contest. In fact the only attribute Klay is better is low post defense which is +8. How is this possible? Does 2KMTC increase the defensive rating of the card based on anything but defensive attributes? Klay has HOF Defensive Stopper whereas Tucker only has gold. Also Klay is one inch taller. Tucker does have better defense tendencies, though. Klay is also a SG and Tucker is a SF, could that be the reason?

Otherwise what’s going on here? I’m only making a thread about this because I use those ratings pretty regularly and I thought they were calculated based on attributes only.

Just like Di kawhi has 97 defense whole diamond MJ has 98 but Kawhi is all around better defensively lol makes no since

I think as you suggested it’s due to different positions

Maybe because SFs are expected to be better at blocking and low post defense so I guess Tucker is an 89 when it comes to that position

Interesting. I wish 2KMTC could show the ratings at different positions. Obviously Tucker is better defensively as a SG then, unless the HOF badge actually affects that rating.

Im not sure, I just know attributes weigh more on SFs cuz theyre expected to do a little of everything.

I think it has to do with either speed or acceleration, cause i’ve noticed the same on 2k, someone will have like a 92 defensive overall and then you throw a speed or acceleration shoe (can’t remember which one) and his defense goes up to like a 95 defensive overall, and Klay has a +3 in both of those stats.

Youre right. I always noticed that. Makes sense cuz a guy with better speed can chase his guy around better on defense

I made a thread back on 2KMTC about how I sort of came up with my own rating system for attributes. This way I can give a point value to each attribute to combine to an ‘overall’ ratings, and I know exactly how it’s calculated. I think I should stick to that because there’s too much uncertainly with 2K and also 2KMTC apparently as to how they value certain attributes.

I just look at key attributes depending on positions

Speed and acceleration matters when it comes to defense.