Can someone explain this

Why is Hondo running away from tmac im so confused

I have no idea. It’s probably got to do with your defensive settings. if you haven’t already, turn help defense to 0.

the only defensive settings i put are tight on both and help d 0, pretty sure its to do with trapper. Whenever I hedge high my team sends a double bc of that dumbass badge and Hondo started running to the spot where wade and mchale were doubling

Do you have adaptive coach settings ON?

At the bottom of defensive settings you also have to turn Drive and Help and Screen Help to both No Help.

If those arn’t set and your adaptive coach settings wernt turned OFF itll cause your defense to switch matchups.

If you notice on the inbound, you are controlling McHale who is matched up on Hakeem, once you are too far from Hakeem your matchup is switched to Porzingus, once your matchup switches to Porzingus it causes your CPU matchups to switch thats why you see Porzingus get left wide open and you see Havelchek spaz out at the end and run towards 3 different people cuz your cpu matchups are switching mid play

Porzingis was wide open because I had to swap back to Hondo to get him back to Tmac, if I didn’t have to do that I would’ve ran back to Porz after hedging with mchale. I don’t see any other matchup switches besides McHale and Bron switching before the ball crosses half court

I don’t change anything apart from tight and deny ball on defensive settings and help to 0 then I just hedge and switch manually using X button if I have to. Adaptive coach shit should be off, cbf changing what I do because it works just give up a few open 3s because of trapper deciding it wants to pre rotate very slowly

I think trapper just effects how quickly you can’t throw out of the double team animation and cause a jumpball.

Adapative coach settings always causes a lot of weird stuff to happen. It’s in settings and not coach settings. It just looks like your CPU called its own double team lol.

nah it does that + your team rotates, it happens all the time for me.

This guy is right. Having adaptive coaching on, it overrides all your manually set defensive settings. Turn that sh*t off, set up your settings and see if weird stuff happens less.