Can somebody explain “Series” to me?

What’s the difference between offensive sets? Can you run plays AND run a series?

Series basically calls a set of plays automatically, a freelance calls plays depending on where you stand with the ball, and calling plays is manual from the selector by position.


Okay so can you still call plays manually in a series?


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This thread may also be helpful


Thanks for the info bro :pray:t2:

And thanks for that thread. Very helpful. I run Mavs playbook and thinking about running a series just to get random movement and run my favorite plays manually if I feel like it. Lol

EarvGotti was doing this with the Iverson series in the PS4 championship they just played. Find that thread and watch how he does it. It actually got me thinking of doing the same thing…have a series as your focus but manually call plays sometimes. Keeps the opponent guessing

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Series will also execute/branch more quickly and give you less time to make decisions, than Freelances. Newer plays also seem to have tighter timing.

If you know them well, then this is better because it’s all snappier. But if you don’t know them well, you might have issues trying to use the first branch, because you’ll take too long to trigger it and then it’ll move to the second.

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I guess it’s personal preference but I like having a freelance running in the background more than a series, since the freelance has several branches and there are several 4out/1in sets. Then maybe once a game I’ll run a series for 2-3 possessions. Iverson and Double Drag are 2 series that I like…

Other thing is that Series can only be set in Timeouts and needs to be re-set after game breaks.

I don’t think that is the case in PNO as far as setting it.

Are you sure? I could’ve sworn Earv did it in game by going through “Focus On > Series” on the fly

You can set them in game.


There are Youtube videos you can check out too bro. The dude that made them works for 2k. It’s simnation or sumn

Wait so there’s a way to preset it for the whole game? How?!

Isn’t that Focus setting only accessible from the Timeout menu…or is that in the in-game menus too?

I do the Focus On > Get Shooters Open in game on the fly, but I’ve only done that offline

I think that there’s no way to set an actual Series to Focus On, except in Timeouts. But they may have changed that.

You actually can: on ps4 press right directional, then triangle to select primary focus, again triangle to select series, and then you select the serie you want


Great, thanks. Must have gotten added in with some update along the way.

Looking forward to being able to switch on the fly. Thanks!

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