Can players with 2k shoe label not wear converses?

bought a cheap converse Diamond shoe to put on, but it seems even with the 2k label they cant wear them

is this intended or a glitch?

They should be able to wear any brand

Ok so I have the PD Oladipo and it shows him having the 2k logo in shoes

however when i go to apply shoe i can only see the following brands : nike, jordan, adidas, under armour, and reebok

I tested this with multiple players given the 2k shoe label

only players i can put it on seem to be my TDIH Lanier and Goodrich who have converse as their shoe… however the ones with converse can wear any brand INCLUDING converse

They messed it up months ago.
Converse is unusable on any card released after January or so.

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Does 2k do anythign except mess up their mechanics

Duos never seem to work, and now these shoes are messed up too


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