Can PD Scottie Play PF?

I’m trying pick someone as my back up PF and right now I’m limited to options. Would Scottie be serviceable or will he get killed?

Unless someone is running a SF as well any good Big can bully him.

Whos your bench SF right now? i like him at SF

No sir

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60 Strenght.

Can he guard Giannis ? Or the pd at least lol.

I tried and seemed ok

nasty 1-3, he will not hold up vs a savvy player at the 4.

I have Larry Johnson. Would he be any better? Even though he’s an inch shorter.

Speaking of, has anyone thrown the grey Jordans on their Scottie? I have cp3’s on mine, but HOT DAMN his step backs and moving shots are so much better than his reg shot, i’m honestly thinking of overwriting my current shoes and putting those J’s on him for the boost to moving 3 ball…

Yeah idk bout larry johnson i never even used him he just collects dust lol… But id put that scottie forsure over paul pierce and then maybe scoop a nice fast pf :man_shrugging: Id actually start pippen over that grant hill slide him to bench and find a new pf actually