Can i stream with my 2018 macbook pro?

im not really savy when it comes to streaming and how it works. could i live stream gameplay from my macbook pro with video or would i need an elgato and cam? any advice i would appreciate it. Thanks yall.

yes i know i can stream from my ps4 but i wanna add video.

I think you mean you want to stream audio.

The MacBooks don’t have any native way to take in video. So you’d at least need some sort of video capture device to take in the HDMI feed from your PS4. Then I guess you can stream over Twitch or YouTube or something else “PC”-based.

But if you do that, then might as well get an Elgato or other dedicated “streaming” device. Especially if you wouldn’t be using a “standard” video capture device to do other video stuff other than streaming.

I don’t know much about these things but it’s not just Elgato.

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