Can I sell MT here?

Hey guys, I decided to take a break from 2k and skipped 2k19, and honestly I should have taken a break from 2k20 too lmao. I’ve made about 150k mt just from messing about offline. I would like to sell it. I just want to know how I can safely sell MT, cause in 2k18 when I sold some, I got scammed like 4-5 times, so I just wanna hope it doesn’t happen again

I got about 150k to sell. Hope Im not violating any rules in 2kgamer, its been a while since I’ve been here

Post a thread in the classified section with your offer. Sell to long term trusted members.


You can sell it here without problems. Just sell it to a trusted member. Also post your plataform to being clear, and everything okay!

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