Can I have some suggestions?

Just finished All Time Dom and this is my team (pulled MJ from the challenge)

Have about 30k mt and usually play 4 out 1 in (with warriors freelance)
Any changes you guys would recommend? (Players to buy, sell, etc)

You may want to note how much MT you have to put toward new players and also your preferred play style and priorities/preferences.

One general suggestion I would have for you is to make sure that someone in your starting PG/SG/SF/PF slots have 3pt plays. Preferably SG/SF. That way you have that tactical option.

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Any 3pt plays you would recommend?

Any play that has quick in the name is a play thats designed to get a 3pt shot. Try them out while u play challenges /offline modes so you can get familiar with the plays. Try to have at least 3 or 4 plays u can run with familiarity. Having different looks helps keep the defense at bay because they wont know what your going to do. If u spam the same play they will eventually learn how to stop it

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Pretty much every playbook I’ve ever used has a couple/few good 3pt plays. I wouldn’t necessarily select based just on 3pt plays, though.

Agreed with this. A lot of other plays like fist plays (screen plays) will cause defenders to help on the screen drive opening up one of your guys wide open. Again best bet is to just learn a playbook off line so u start to understand them before running them in game

Thanks @HarryLundt and @raptorsbenchmob, appreciate it