Can I Complain - Opponent Quit and got A L on 11-0

Has anyone complained and gotten something 2k support? LIKE WTF.

Don’t play any games now…i played 3 games…in MTU/TTO and got Ls despite winning all of them/opponent quitting

never seen it that bad! (unless you count getting TWO Ls for an opponent quitting)

11-1 prize better than 12-0,

You straight bro lol

i don’t have finley…! and got some crappy celtic amy…lol instead.

True, I need to grind to get Finley too…lol

U crazy playing on a 20th release time.

you just avoided the worst POTM 2k could possibly give

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it is also 10k mt versus 5k mt lol

i just want the cards for collector…and yes worse card ever

Player 2 games since I been home. Both quits, still can’t get a win.

This happened to me twice, both times I had to send them pics and timestamped shit of everything.

Then they said it was a visual glitch and I had actually recieved the W. Then I said well wtf bro wheres my card, then they said I disconnected lol.

Dealing with 2k support is like a Kafka existentialist story where everything makes no sense and the logic is surreal.

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Haha you get into a drawn out argument with them and then you realize they didn’t even know what you were trying to explain to them in the first place.

Exactly as you just described with them saying you disconnected.

I wonder if they have ever just agreed with a customer?

Lmao, this is so accurate of what 2K Support is like

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Long as ur account is clean its worth badgering them. Ive gotten some stuff. Last year during the cp3 fiasco i got 150k. I kept telling them how i wasnt satisfied and eventually they budged. Got my shit escalated took a while but was worth it

Make sure u got video evidence tho. Or its a non starter

:pensive:…well I’m 5 -0 let’s see if I get this over with by tomorrow morning . Filed a complaint who knows lol with 2k

At least I made a Lebron point guard user quit first quarter :blush: when he had the cold symbol show up . Giannis owned him :blush:

They’re going to tell you that they can’t change match results and to check your connection. I can tell you from experience because the same thing happened to me a few months ago and I went through the whole support thing, I got 20k MT out of it but that was it.

Thoughts and prayers OP

Lowkey if they give you something I’ll be so pissed haha.

Happened to me twice and they basically said F@#% you clown git gud.

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Yeah you might catch a perma ban for even contacting customer support


IT happened to me also they gave me the L thts so crazy