Can bird play the 4?

i was wondering to get bird, but can he play the 4 or is he wasted there like can he defend the giannis of the world and get enough rebounds where he is worth the 185k price tag on ps4

He doesnt have the best badges for a 4, I dont think he comes with rebound chaser or rim protector at all

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We’re in a weird place right now, where you have to choose 2 of 3 for you PF position.

Clamps to defend Giannis
Ability to rebound (high rating and gold+ rebound chaser (box too preferably)
Limitless range

No one has all 3 right now to my knowledge. So you have to choose if you want somone like siakam/josh smith to lock down and hit non-limitless 3s, and get boards. Or someone like Bird who can lock down and hit 3s from anywhere, but might struggle on the boards. Or someone like Bosh who can rebound and shoot from limitless, but no clamps to defend Giannis 1 on 1.

Edit: I’m going with Bird/Odom at my 4 spots right now, cause Giannis at PF is the hardest thing to stop in the game right now. I’ll deal with rebounds with my Center hopefully.


so u think bird is best at 3?, i have embid for center hes not bad i just have siakam hes solid defensively but doesnt bird have clamps so i thought hes solid

You’ll be on the wrong end of mismatches if he’s the 2nd biggest player on the floor for you. Too many C’s with PF eligibility.

so u think 3 is best for him?

Yes I said 2 of 3. Bird has defense and shooting, but no rebounding.

Ideally you want defense/shooting/rebounding from your 4, but no cards are elite at all 3 yet.

So you just have to choose which 2 you think are most valuable for your PF, and go with those types of players.

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He can play the 4 based on match ups, if the other team has a slow 4 I’ll switch Bird to the 4 and Giannis to the 3.

If you play Bird at 4, you basically have to commit to 3 > 2s playstyle. So you give up that post mistmatch.

Evo’d Russell absolutely has all three (shooting, rebounding, defense). He’s the best 4 in the game right now IMO

No Range Extender

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He does not have Range Extender. That’s what I’m referring to by “shooting”.

That’s fair

ok thats true but like is his rebouding u think bad enough wehre it gets exposed cuz the way i play is just in the flow of the game (no run plays) if hes open illl take the shot

is that really noticeable cuz ill only take shots maybe 2/3 feet bind 3pt line depending on spacing

i just play in flow of the game i realized not many players go down low (obv some do) so didnt think it would be that crazy, i dont play 3>2 i just see whatever happens and then go from there if that makes sense lol

so im guessing thats a no for bird at 3?

I do like how small back 4s made a come back this year.

I’m running Giannis/Smith at the 4 and Bird/Odom at the 3.

If you don’t take deep 3s, range extender won’t be as important for you.

But I find it much harder to break zone defense, without range extender players.

And CPU spacing, often has players way behind the 3pt line when they are open.

If you’re saying, shooting deep 3s isn’t a big part of your game, from your PF spot, then it sounds like that’s what you should ignore at that spot for now.

Bird doesn’t have any rebounding badges. He plays like any player without badges trying to do something. He’s okay, but can be dominated, cause he’s not gonna win any animations, just get wide open boards.

ok thats a fair assesment, whats the go to pf’s for u cuz i know the basic giannis and josh smith are always there but i dont like giannis for the fact hes brick city and josh smith i just couldnt figure out, i play siakam for now but if i get bird i would play him and siakam to bench, what would u say is the best idea?