Can badges be counterproductive?

I like badging up my players fit for purposes but sometimes I look at adding badges and unsure if they would ruin some tendencies. For Example putting Up and Under Specialist on a Slasher, would that make him dunk less and do more up and under animations. Or putting Posterisor on Curry, Would that make his Layups less effective in the paint as it would make him posterise more? Or putting Limitless on AD, would that make him sit behind the paint more for a 3 then usual?

No that type of thing has to do with the tendency ratings and not the badges

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So if u put posterior on Steph, does that just mean he is more successful at dunking more so then his tendency to dunk?

I think that means more likely to trigger a posterizing animation

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I find with the putback badge i always get a putback dunk animation but it never goes in…I would much prefer them to just grab the board

That is one thing I have noticed also which can be frustrating

Yeah the putback may be one of those counterproductive ones. Also maybe hustle rebounder on a guard that you don’t want to be grabbing rebounds but instead run the break. Can’t really think of anything else. All the post badges (drop step, up&under, post spin) and tear dropper only activate when you trigger them. So if you feel like something triggers when you don’t want to, it may be that you are not familiar with how something works and need to practice the moves more.


Awesome! That’s clears a lot up, always thought it was weird seeing klay go up for a rebound lol