Can anyone send me a photo of them with Ronnie

If you got a photo with Ronnie on either Thursday or Saturday could you please send it to me, I’m at a point with 2kSupport where they said that they need a photo for me to get it. Thanks heaps :slight_smile:
Willing to pay MT if it comes to that

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I low key need this to

why, so you can get one when you weren’t there, meanwhile some people who were there haven’t got theirs?


nah don’t help these dudes

Lol chill man I want us all to get one. 2k robbed the attendees

Good guy @anon11689187 , but the other dude idk him

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Who tf are you, so just coz you dont know me you get to dictate shit foh. Been on here longer than you mate

Yeah, here you go.

:slight_smile: thanks

Closing this thread. If someone actually wants to send him a pic, then PM him. There’s no other purpose to the discussion and it’s too likely to become a thread full of flaming.