Can anyone put diamond Embiid up in the AH? [2k18] PS4

I would really like to try out the duo with Simmons.

Doesn’t he go for a lot?

I don’t know but I have seen him occasionally and I don’t think he goes for insane amounts. I can run Shaq in the meantime and lately mainly play schedules because I’m sitting pretty in the PD league. So I’m in no hurry but I’m just wondering if someone is willing to do it if you don’t play the game anymore.

Had him locked unfortunately.

How’s 18 at the moment?
Many people still playing?

Not many playing. Have to wait quite a while for a match sometimes. Most of my opponents are amy-ruby squads or even white leaguers with gold players lol. So it’s pretty easy. Good teams have probably secured their PD league spot and don’t play the game at all or play some other mode. The AH has a decent amount of cards but some cards are really rare of course. I have been able to do some sniping like grab diamond Manu for under 10k bid and sell him for 20 because cards are more rare and people that want them play the game while I sleep or something. I also double the MT on cards like sapphire Curry and such.
There are some guys in PD league with close to or over 10000 points which is insane.
I had the Wall-Cousins duo but was able to grab PD Simmons for 40k so now I want to get Embiid too.

Nice, have you think about getting 2k19 at some point or you’ll keep playing 18?

I see you like post players…2k19 has a post game man…

I’m not getting 2k19. Partly for boycotting reasons but mainly because I don’t have the time or the will to grind this crap. I’m hearing it’s better and all but I’m sure 2k will find a way to shit all over it with insane cards or whatever other infuriating stuff. I’m actually excited for the fantasy season to start.

What’s the highest a card goes for now? Lol

Is there a reward for being in the PD league?

Yes. At the end of the year you get 10+100k for it. A lot but also, you get it December 27th I believe. Oh and btw, I was able to get Embiid for just under 50k.

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Dang. I gotta check what tier I’m in.

What squad are running with by the way?

Perfect LeBron & MJ, Kawhi-Timmy duo, D-Rob.
Bench: Simmons-Embiid duo, PD Kobe, PD KD, PD Bird.
I used to run Kawhi and Timmy off the bench with Duncan as a center. But ever since I changed my lineup to what it is now, I have rarely lost a match. I had big problems rebounding when I used SF’s at the 4 (like KD or Bird). Before Simmons-Embiid, I had Wall and Cousins duo and that was a very good duo. I also have Rose, Dipo, Mitchell and Shaq in my collection. I sometimes run Rose as my bench PG because he’s one of the most fun cards to use imo.

Nice. I’ve never used that Tim duo but I’ve always been tempted.

Kawhi is pretty cheap and imo the best card in the game apart from the 2 perfect PD’s (Lebron and MJ). He can just do everything and two things offensively that are great: His shot is very reliable, even from very deep and he is probably one of the best finishers, I’ve never had problems when going to the rim with him.
Timmy becomes a knockdown with the duo.
The only areas where Kawhi lacks even after the duo boost are his playmaking stats (passing accuracy).
And his animations are not the most fluid and he may feel a bit clunky but I love him nonetheless.

I use the PD Kawhi as one of my bottom 3 along with PD Ben Simmons and PD Giannis.