Can anyone 100% confirm if shoes work with DD's? Proof?

Seems like there isn’t a consensus about this. Do shoe boosts stack with Dynamic Duos? The way it should work, if a stock player card has 80 open 3PT, and a Dynamic Duo bumps it to 90, and a diamond shoe adds +9 open 3PT, then he should have 99 open 3PT when the duo is active.

However some people are commenting that boost from shoes will be ignored if they get a boost from a duo in that attribute.

I checked the pause menus in a challenge game to check this, but the attributes there are totally wrong. Can anyone 100% verify this?

It does work. My wade has a 94 three ball with currys only when playing with lebron.

Where do you see the 94 rating in-game? I know it will show this in your lineup outside of an actual game but the question is if they get ignored while playing.

I see it on my lineup menu at all times.

His 3 point rating is 87 with the duo, so it should be 96 with currys

Maybe its not a diamond shoe

What system are you on? Maybe its console specific. In my lineup menu in the pause screen I only see the shoe boosts. No DD boosts. This is while they are both on the floor, too

What does the little box say in the corner? Does Wade have an A+ for 3pt? Whats it say when hes on the court without Lebron?

Shoes only boost +3, +6, or +9 I believe, so that wouldn’t explain a +7

Look at the substitution menu in-game, and use Y or Triangle to filter the broad ratings to the specific attributes. You should see shoe boosts and Dynamic Duo boosts here.

Buy another Wade without a shoe and play him with Lebron, compare his shot meter to the Wade with a 3pt shoe. If the 3pt rating stacks, the shoe’d one should have a bigger meter. Try this online.

In offline games, a Coach can affect display of 3pt ratings.

Would you say it’s safe to throw a diamond shoe on Bill Russell? I’m planning to exclusively use him with the Cousy DD. If there is any glitch with shoes stacking with DD boosts it will be a complete waste of a high-end diamond shoe…

i wouldnt risk it

I would assume it all works but I’m not coming from a position of having tested.

It worked last year, but I haven’t seen proof anywhere to either prove or disprove the boost. Last year, if someone got a +23 boost to their 3pt shot (say, a 55 base rating), adding a +9 shoe would basically give you a 99.

It works! I can say for sure online. Go into substitutions and click on wade by pushing the rist stick down. It will bring up the ratings and tendencies screen. This tells you accurately what the ratings are. I also do this for my opponents players to see if they have any shoe on their players that way i know if i can sag off on defense.

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So you mean to say, dynamic duos w/ shoes definitely give the correct boost from both sources?

Yes and I showed you how to confirm it for yourself and not take my word for it

Ok, cool. Thanks! I will give it a try. I don’t think it displays correctly offline. Just wanted to make sure I was understanding you correctly.