Can Americans get the Netherlands version of 2k

They banned the action house so they get to pull from all the packs. With the auction house this is an imcomplete game. I can’t possibly own all the cards at this point because not all the cards are in circulation at the AH. The cards that are in the auction house that i need are selling for 10x more expensive than just a few months ago just because they’re rare now 100k diamond card oh thanks. On top of that try and complete career mode now and see how much haslem, bogut, and brand are. There is no way I’m investing in 2k21 with these type of game mechanics. My ocd is in overdrive all because i can’t complete a game I’ve invested much time in. However I might be able to invest in 2k22 if it’s the Netherlands auction free version. So anyone know how I can get that or if at all? This is real, I’m either going to remain a child at heart or I will grow old by dropping my childish toys. Will your answer make me young or old?

I am so confused.

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He mixed up the title, I think he wants the American version and he lives in Netherlands

No i do not want that

Yea I think there are supposed to be a few nots and withouts as well. The thread makes no sense as it is but doesn’t matter. I hear that the prisons in the Netherlands are like resorts FWIW. Prisons in the US are torture chambers.

Wait so you want no auction house

Removing the auction house and only being able to pull from packs makes it infinitely harder to obtain all the cards. The pack odds remain the same dog shit.


Ayo pass the shrooms


So… An “All Money Spent” squad???


I’d like to know that as I am american can i get netherlands version of 2k. It does not have an AH as we do and i want that because if i had ot now then i could still have a chance to complete this game

So how about just dont use auction house? :grinning:

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Do you have 2k20? Find BB opal baron davis on there for me now. You can’t because he’s no longer sold in any packs. We’re riding out the goat and nba is back. I think no auction house would increase the odds of me completing card collections.

There’s no BB packs in the pack market tho…

No shit


Then how is it easier to card collect with no auction house?

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this is the most confusing request


Dude, im playing 2k20. As you said before BB packs aren’t in. The Netherland version sells all packs all the time. I have no chance to get cards who’s packs aren’t out with the AH. The netherlands version i’d still have a chance.

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Oh… that makes sense but are you 100% sure about that?