Campy russell evo requirements & upgrades

Campy russell evo requirements & upgrades




I understand what you’re saying about him just becoming a good card. But try him out in Freestyle. His animations as a 6’8" SG are awesome.

How much is he going for? Under 10k I’ll cop

I shot with him in freestyle, I forget he gets SG elegibilty. Maybe I’ll give him another shot! Thanks for looking out!!

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On Xbox right?? 25-30kmt two hours ago!

Don’t just shoot use his dribble moves, specifically his behind the back

Oof, he should drop more

he gets clamps?

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lemme get this straight this dumb ass card gets clamps with 73 perimeter d but Clyde has like 87 with no clamps


Ones a free card… that should answer it for you

nah thats not the case its 2k just dumb asf cards with 85 perimeter d that came in packs dont have clamps they just stupid


Badging this year is gonna be wild… just wait till end game cards get random hof badges without clamps or stuff like that


PD Jordan with HoF Pogo Stick and gold clamps

GO Scal with HoF Clamps

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Dude, that’s exactly what I said in the video! These evo cards they’ve dropped recently make no sense!

It’s been since week 2 I believe since we’ve had a MOTW evo cArd, the prime was terribly ass last week, Spotlight was a huge letdown considering the possibilities and legacy hasn’t dropped a legitimate evo thats worth the grind since joe Smith. Who’s available at diamond on Xbox right now for 60kmt. I’ve wasted a ton of time evo’ing that!!

MoTW last evo cArd was like Tyler herro, love that card.

Prime: bj Armstrong ruby to AMY, huge grind, and basically it just makes him average on offense and defense after the evo with no badges added on D.
Noah, gets great badge and stat adds, but you’ve got to score 1400 points and grab 1000 rebounds with a guy that can’t score outside the paint.

Legacy: campy gets nice boost and def badges, plus hof shooting badges but his perimeter defense is Ass, so how does that work? 1500 and 400 assist and doesn’t get a single playmaking badge.
Marquis Johnson (this card is a joke) some of the best stats in game after evo, but doesnt have a single defensive or playmaking badges add and very little shooting. I get maybe these guys weren’t the best at this stuff when they played 30-40 years ago, but there not playing in that nba, we’re evo’ing these cards so they can compete with giannis, Paul George, Luka, rose, Baron Davis, Kobe, AD etc. so if I’m going to spend hours every day pumping stats up a cards ass, I expect the results from the ass pumping stats to be worth it. Joe Smith: cheap as hell when you see him as a diamond, has 92 interior defense, with 86-90 blk but doesn’t get a single defensive badge update!

Spotlight: jameer nelson, sapphire to diamond evo, 5-10 pg.
Jj Reddick, makes for a nice 13th man on a budget squad, or against the cpu.
Hedo turkoglu: has the same problem as giannis, good dribble moves are blocked, only evo’s to amethyst, doesn’t get range extender, cuz 2k thinks we wouldn’t buy the diamond or pink hedo later this year, if the guys that spent days evo the card had an Amy hedo with gold range extender. ARE THEY DUMB? There’s literally no real way to make mt, other than sniping.

I love this game, I hate evo cards, but I could love them, if they actually were worth doing!

Btw…I’m sitting on 700 rebounded and 900 points with joe Smith. I thought he might actually be worth 125kmt when evo’d. Now I’m thinking of selling it, with diamond shoe and contract for like 35-40kmt, hopefully, and just buying that diamond for 60k.

That’s my two cents!