CallMeGit eq stream

Gonna start tonight when I make twitch/mixer? I know there will be lots of “you should’ve done this” or “that”. Let’s settle this!!! 4-0 in mtu and I will expose myself and the theories!!!
“Stay Tuned”


Not all heroes wear capes.


2kgamer Stream addict here, reporting in :rofl:


How hard is it to stream?

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No idea

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easy on xbox…probably same for ps4

Streaming is literally downloading one app on your Xbox. “Twitch” then open the twitch app and press record… then just play 2k as you normally do. It’s super simple.


I’ve been kind of interested in doing this but I’m still kind of camera shy

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Don’t even need to show your face. Just your gameplay lol.

I have to at least talk or it would be boring af

Yeeeee it’s. Nice to have people to interact with while you play tho


All sports games should have one difficulty level…the green window should always be the same…the animations should always be the same.

If you are playing chess, golf or bowling there are not magical difficulty settings.

I wanted to make a thread, but I will just leave it here.

Just stream the game… hook your mic up and say things if you want. Nothing really to be shy about. I’d say try that before revealing your face.

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What is a stream key on Mixer?