Calling It Now On Next PD/GO Reward

I don’t know if this thread has been made but…

Who’s the one player we get every year who we haven’t seen yet who always comes with an undeserved 3 ball and is the favourite mini Muhammad Ali looking prick Ronnie loves to force down our throats.

I would put money down we get him up next you watch.

Who looks like muhammed Ali Lol

I don’t even know who you are talking about lol.

Wes Unseld. Good call. I’m surprised we didn’t get him yet.

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The real question is are we for sure getting an all star promo?

We’ve been getting them since 2k15. We’ll get it this year too. No doubt about that

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did you got Tmac yesterday in the end? ^^

Yup! He’s amazing but will prob sell due to j.r.

nah, it will be Wade

first time myteam user here, what are we looking forward to on the all star break? Then after that what usually happens? Is the market going to be dry and prices will go up again? Just assessing when is the good time to move cards

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dirk wins the 3 point contest, he will get all the shooting badges + 99 across the board, basically klay but much taller and faster, cuz fuck it its 2k.

Usually and put your money on it a Vince Carter PD this year I guess.

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Wes (motherfucking) Unseld

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Ok cool. Thanks. I guess it’s better to just be patient and make no major card movement until after the all star break


I think more like…

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Of course Wes Unseld!!!


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Wes “Farooq” Unseld… DAMN! Just needs a pick and roll partner that looks like Bradshaw. APA reunion!

GO Porzingis :innocent: