Calling all TDIH Lakers PD Shaq users out there

First of all, dude has been a monster for me. That player model is an absolute unit.

Has anyone played around with altering his takeovers with different shoes? I think his default is Slasher and Glass Cleaner.

I’m really trying to get that Post takeover. Thoughts?

I have him, I also want post takeover, I use Casey, would dantoni, or pop give him post

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He’d need a post fade, which he doesn’t have, so he can’t get it

I remember my Anni Shaq was Slash/Post with D’Antoni.
Probably just any post control shoe, lebron south beach or black adidas

You can search the forum about Shaq takeovers also

Black and white Adidas with Diantoni give slashing/post-scorer

I don’t have this card, but I do have 2,500 MT


Should be the same as Anni

Post slash with black Adidas and dantoni

Most fun thing in the game

This is my first year playing Myteam. What does the post / slash takeover boost? And what different does that make in how the card plays.

I have that Shaq and love him but I don’t really pay attention to takeovers except for the sharp shooter one.

Better at post moves and slashing.

I like his card art

me too! TWICE!!!

I gave him some cheap Diamond Adidas shoes and with Stevens one of his takeovers is Post.

I faced someone using him
He is a really good card!

Im so pissed i wanted that card so bad. Ive gotten a TON of TDIH cards havent used any of em. N i missed by 1 slot both times for shaq :flushed::rage::dizzy_face::astonished:

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all my homies havin problems vs this shaq lmao

Got him at the second code really disappointed i didn’t get him at the first real yay moment lol

Is the TDIH Shaq completely identical to the anniversary PD or does he have a different player model?


In what way? Can you describe the difference? I didn’t love the anniversary but am considering locking for the GO and figure this Lakers PD is the closest comparison.

pretty sure hes just cigger, wider. i dont have him