Call To Ball Skill Challenges - Glitched? (and some tips I learnt that might help fellow noobs like me.,

I have tonight completed the 8 Call To Ball Skill Challenges. Received 2 glitches, totally different and unrelated. I play on PS5 but have the PS4 version too, so did the challenges there to check and same issues.

Let me know if anyone else has had these glitches and if they got the playmaker badge pack.

The glitches -

Game 7. The Big Fundamentals - ‘Score 8 times in the post’, (no win game condition), ‘must use 3 Spurs’ (Easy if none you want to run put them on the back of the bench)

Entered the game, saw GO Timmy at PF and gold Nazr Mohammed at C. Started Smits, post up, score. Purple box near score shows 1/8 post moves. second chance, Rik on the block, pass it in, backdown, spin, layup. Purple box score showed 2/8. Next possession, Rik gets the ball at the high post, backdown, dropstep, fake (taken) layup. No change to the purple score, nothing came up. By now, 3 possessions big Rik was looking for a ventilator, subbed him out and put in Serge. about 8 post scores, only 3 registered, I don’t know why. I was using dropsteps, pumps, fakes, postspins, everything, I like to think that I am competent in the post (my My Career is a 7’2 285lb paint beast)

I can only guess you have to do 8 different post moves, from my run it didn’t have to be the same person (although each player will get a separate counter), so I just played the entire game doing different post moves and winning. The counter never got above 4/8 for Serge. So I think the counter is glitched and counts each persons separately instead of a total (unless they wanted the challenge to be for 1 player 8 moves but didn’t code it in right)
I got the pack and complete at the end no issue. Just score with post moves with any players, shut them down on the other end, if scores are getting close, bomb some 3s and get back to work in the post.
It is only on pro so no big challenge except the weird counting and not knowing if you have enough until the reward screen where you should get your pack if successful.

Game 8.

The Glitch - Beat the challenge and hit the requirements, it changed to completed. I received no playmaker badge pack. (I screen recorded it for reference)
Ran it on PS4 twice and PS5 twice for same results.

Tactics (as this one was prob the hardest)
F*^# Magic Johnson, he was bombing 3s and generally just being everywhere.
getting the 8 assists while making sure to stay within a basket is key. I used glitched Harden/Jrue Holiday/Draymond, set screen with Harden wait for him to break and run towards the rim, throw pass, dunk. repeat
on defense, those 3 had enough speed, clamps to lock them down, they will score but if you can get a stop 1/3 times you should be ok. once you have 8 assists (16 points if rim running) a three and a 2 will end it.

All was smooth through 1-6. No in game issues and completed them, got the reward.

Rebounding Rodman made me change a tactic as getting 13 CPU misses is hit or, well, miss, used the set screen, big man roll, shoot the shot short, rebound and repeat. Mitchell Robinson was perfect for this, he is long, fast and grabs board for days. Doing this tactic you can get 10-11 by mid 2nd quarter so doesn’t drain your stamina and keep the game close, if they get a lead don’t worry its only on pro

33 Point Game Winner - I did this easily with Kyrie rim running of picks, had it by the 2nd quarter, should be easy as long as the, all too common, ‘random injury’ doesn’t appear when you are 5 points away. If you are having issues, use a FA card as they cannot get injured and you can play them the whole game.
The other tactic is get a 5/6 point lead, score, foul, stops the clock, save stamina with no defending and keeps all the clock to score. have to commit to this strat early, no point fouling with 70 seconds left when you could have 4 minutes earlier and finished the challenge.

Lockdown Defender - tough, bring your best perimeter defenders, get stops and hit shots. easier than it seems.

High Flyers - a good ballhandler, dunker sets a screen, as they roll to rim, pass, dunk. repeat. Can also add in a few rim runs with the dunker.

Anyone get any glitches like this? any tips/fixes?

Keep up the grind.