Call of Duty Warzone (150 player Battle Royale) out today and is 100% FREE

Call of Duty Warzone (150 player Battle Royale) out today and is 100% FREE

COD MW: Warzone is coming out supposedly tomorrow for MW owners and then a free-to-play version coming soon as well. I know not everyone is a COD fan but being a battle royale and free to play it seems like a no-brainer to at least try it.

If you end up getting it, I’m on XB1, DM me here and we can maybe try some squads.


It’s cross play right?

PM me your activision code.

Also, I’ve been winning the Gunfight tournaments all weekend so battle royale should be a piece of cake.

Now if there’s one worse developer around than 2K, it’s definitely Activision lol

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Here is a rundown of what is known about Warzone so far

Couple of nice twists to the BR. Looking promising!

I’ve been playing “Stardew Valley” when I need a break from 2K.


How big is that update for new players?

Does it have updated token rewards? (asking for a friend (@element + @DRHM100))


That’s a good point, updating this fucking game requires me to free up space on PS4, as the vanilla itself is 148G.


LMAO!! This is great

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Just did research and wow you’re right it’s completely free I mean I own the game already but this is a W for the 2k players I play with that I been tryna convince to buy COD

I put another hole in my wall after going 11-1 for the 16th time this month. Cost me $125 to fix. I will absolutely be messing with this. I own COD also.

Next month game release will have bad news for NBA 2K everyone gone

Meh. I played enough cod, id rather 2k than that game. It bothers my eyes too much to play and considering how many damn campers there are this year, its a no from me

Does my career have more or less cheesers and is the game mode as annoying as MyTeam is?

My career is lit this year so fun there are cheesers but hey it is what it is

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If you want a quality online experience that doesn’t require microtransaction spending to participate and is FREE go and download and enjoy now!

Forget 2K and their unrewarding money grubbing ways. All they want is you to rip packs with VC, they couldn’t give two shits about improving the game or adding new features or rewards.

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Where do you find the game?

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Probably search the game store for warzone and you’ll find it

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It’s a standalone download from COD Modern Warfare

Actually if you don’t find it, I think the free standalone download is coming later today (if you don’t see it) I think people with the full game could download it first since it was a smaller update

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Alright thanks. I got the update downloading now

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