C’s or Nuggets tonight?

C’s -3.5
Nuggets +3.5
O/u 221

C’s been very inconsistent this year. But I think they will start a steak before the playoff.

Nuggets. Jamal drops 50 and tosses the ball into the stands.

IT revenge game…not

Kind of surprised by this, but just checked and it’s in Boston. Still taking the Nuggets




Nuggets +3.5

IT still in the league ?

We’re doing an IT tribute vid in the first quarter so Kyrie probably gonna act like a baby and play like shit. Rooting for my C’s but Den might get us tonight…

I’d take the over tho

Ya he came back from injury and has now been completely removed from the rotation.

What is the future looking like for him

Yall remember what happened the last time these 2 teams played right? Well in case you don’t

And Kyrie acting like a little girl after the game

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Celtics play better at home and Nuggets are .500 on the road. Celtics by 5 is my prediction

Celtics usually dont play well against the Nuggets, so with that said Celtics winning tonight :slight_smile:

Normally I would say C’s out for blood tonight but I feel like we’re just not about that life this year. Time to show and prove tho would like for us to show some heart

Nuggs going for the clinch tonight so I think they play hard but Idk if they’ll have enough. Imo Millsap will be the x factor whether it will be a good game or blowout for you guys. He’s been so good since the Allstar break, gotta keep it up tonight

Cs the opportunity

Hey @YOSEMITE_HAM - has Jokic always looked this “big” (around the waste) or is it more recent? I feel like he used to be slimmer… but I pretty much only watch when he plays the Celtics.

He put on at least 10-15 pounds since last season. Good thing is he can get to any spot on the floor that he wants now because he can move anyone lol

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