Buying pack with MT?

Do you do it , I have 200k mt and would like to try my luck at Diamond Anthony Davis or PD Bron , what do you think the odds are I go 0/200k without any rewards ?

Considering I just ripped about 30 packs and got zip I’d assume your chances are pretty fucking wicked my guy

Yesterday I pulled Diamond LeBron after 200 K worth of the middle moments pack.

Had that not happened I would have probably quit playing 2K lol.


Sorry to hear that broski , I hope you get bron in the very near future

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I’ve had no real success buying packs with MT. Decided I’d just try to snipe or buy the card I want. Try first night cause price will go up when all the other people ripping stop.

Spent 100k+ on the AI anniversary packs with mt, no success. Did it for BRoy, no dice. Just spend that MT toward the card instead.

Appreciate it bro, I wouldn’t say any of those cards are worth ripping with mt for tho. Maybe Kemba or even AD but that’s maybe

They are saying the Diamond Bron is better anyways. Any idea what he’s going for now?

Might be able to get a deal.

Thanks for the advice bro !

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I pull them every now and then.

I’ve pulled Amy Embiid and Amy KAT out of them.

I don’t go crazy though. I open maybe 3-5 at a time and sell anythign I can to get close to breaking even

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I see bron closing around 150 -170 atm

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