Buying like 200k VC for the Goat packs, convert to MT and then Sell - Profit?

What you think about that idea?
I wonder if anybody did that and how it worked out. Of course not for the Goat packs but maybe something like this.

17k VC for a card that quicksells for 5k

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That will be 30 guaranteed packs (if that IS what the packs are). My guess you will average about 15k per pack assuming you pull at least a few high value GOATs.

30 x 15,000 = 450k

Your console is PS4 so MT is like $7? So you’ll sell for $30 for $50 worth of VC.

It’s not in your favor. Just buy MT and rip that way if you want.


200k for how many packs? if guranteed packs then likely its all stocktons

thanks for the quick math! :smiley: i saw people talking about mt on ps4 is going for 15$ after this crash

Yeah that was a joke lol

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Ps4 MT is 9-11

@OGxSuave do you know how much Xbox rates will be today?