Buying anything 2K18 related on Xbox One

Looking for ANY player with infinite contracts, MT and bronze/silver/gold contracts

Xbox ? Id be willing to part with a lot for a little bit of $$ so i can rip 2k19 packs lol. Give u a good package tho !
Perfect lebron
Pd Towns with grey kobes
Pd Pg 13 with grey kobes
Lots of contracts.
Over drive cousins
Thats just off the top of my head lol

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Sure! PM me

@OGxSuave u had mt fs right?

Lmao wish you would’ve hit me up I had Amy Danny Green with d contract Amy Klay Thompson and other players worth 150k I gave it away tho

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Damn lol :frowning:

If anybody has any of the historics left, please let me know. I’m like 28 away from having all of them. My binder is super full, I have like 30 PDs, 70 diamonds, 70 amys, a lot with good shoes.

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Are you selling the pd’s, diamonds and amy’s?

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Your willing to let go of that moncrief mate?:grin:

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Anything :slight_smile: Paying paypal

I’ll be on all day today if any has anything xbox one related for 2k18. Yes, I will pay as well, whatever you got :slight_smile:


I have a huge library and just made the jump to 2K19. I’m talking like 25-30 PDs, 75 or so diamonds, another 75 amethysts, almost every historic card although I locked in about a dozen sets, and about 8 diamond shoes.

What sort of arrangement are you looking for?

Cool :slight_smile: I am really looking for contracts, players with diamond contracts and MT. I pretty much have all the best cards already, only think I could use would be a shooting big.

I can pay paypal.

I’ll put together a list later today, even just with diamond contracts I have a large selection.

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Awesome man, thank you so much.

I have perfect LeBron with diamond contract if your interested

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Extremely interested, pm me

I have LeBron, Magic, MJ, Bird, Hakeem, Simmons, a really good amount man. Let me put together a list.

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That’s excellent, just let me know :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: