Buy Shoes!

I just went Nike shopping on the AH and, wow, shoes are cheap right now. I bought Foamposites for under 30k, red Kobes & red Kyries for under 20k, PGs for under 30k, etc… I bought a ton of shoes, but there is still a bunch left. The next promo release will most likely shoot these contested/open 3 shoes’ prices through the roof, so this is a low risk move to make some MT in a few days.


Is the next promo today at 3pm?

I haven’t heard about that… lol what did I miss?

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theres been no word on a promo yet. I think people are just speculating/hopeful for something. even a vc sale.

Best Buy has a 20% off VC sale, but hopefully a promo drops today so I can make some bank on these shoes.

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Black Friday kids will get the game and they’ll make bank off a promo today

They absolutely would, but 2K is also notorious for skipping work on holidays and the day after. It could go either way. We’ll know in about 30 minutes though lol.

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Shhhhhhhhhhh. Lol